What is SkillSelect?

Anyone applying to migrate to Australia based on their experience as a skilled worker is required to apply through SkillSelect. SkillSelect is the Australian government's new online system which allows skilled workers who are interested in moving to Australia in order to settle here permanently..

In order to begin the application process, skilled workers will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect.


What is an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

An EOI is just an indication that you want to apply for an Australian visa and it is not a visa application. However, you will still need to include a range of information including: 

  • Personal information;

  • Desired/nominated profession;

  • Work experience;

  • Education;

  • English language proficiency;

  • A Skills Assessment relevant to your nominated profession; and

  • Business and investment experience (if applicable)

By registering an EOI on SkillSelect, your details can be found and nominated for an Australian visa by employers as well as state and territory governments. Once selected, you will then be invited to apply for an Australian visa.

After you have completed your EOI, you will be given a points score and ranked by an automatic process. If you are eligible, you will then be invited to apply for an Australian skilled visa.  You may also be invited to apply for a visa if sponsored by a state or territory government or an Australian employer, if you have indicated you want to pursue these options.

After being eligible to aply for visa, you will have 60 days to apply, after which the invitation will expire. If you aren’t selected however, your EOI will remain valid for two years, during which time you are able to update your EOI with any experience or details you wish.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for registered migration agents is set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. Under Australian law, Agent must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

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